Current as of 9PM EDT June 11

1:20 PMOpen Women’s 100m Heats
1:35 PMOpen Men’s 100m Heats
1:50 PMOpen Women’s 200m Heats
2:05 PMOpen Men’s 200m Heats
2:20 PMOpen Women’s 800m Heats
2:35 PMOpen Men’s 800m Heats
2:47 PMGirls’ 9-10 4x100mR
2:52 PMBoys’ 9-10 4x100mR
2:57 PMGirls’ 15-18 3000m
3:00 PMMen’s Triple Jump
3:09 PMBoys’ 15-18 3000m
3:21 PMGirls’ 11-12 Sprint Medley Relay
3:27 PMBoys’ 11-12 Sprint Medley Relay
3:34 PMGirls’ 13-14 1 Mile
3:40 PMBoys’ 13-14 1 Mile
4:03 PMMen’s 110m Hurdles
4:10 PMWomen’s 800m
4:18 PMWomen’s 100m Hurdles
4:20 PMWomen’s Shot Put
4:28 PMWomen’s 100m
4:36 PMMen’s 400m
4:45 PMMen’s 100m
4:55 PMWomen’s 400m Hurdles
5:10 PMMen’s 400m Hurdles
5:20 PMMen’s 800m
5:30 PMWomen’s 400m
5:40 PMWomen’s 200m
5:50 PMMen’s 200m
6:04 PMClub Men’s 4x400m Relay
6:13 PMMasters Men’s 1500m
6:23 PMMasters Women’s 1500m
6:35 PMOlympic Development Women’s 1500m
6:45 PMOlympic Development Men’s 1500m

National Events

A number of national-level events will be open to the public for registration prior to the elite portion of the USATF NYC Grand Prix. These will take place from 1:30PM to 3:00PM and can be entered on The events available for entry along with their qualification standards are:

Men’s 100m (10.60)
Men’s 200m (22.00)
Men’s 800m (1:50.00)
Men’s Club 4x400m (NS)
Women’s 100m (12.00)
Women’s 200m (24.00)
Women’s 800m (2:05.00)
Women’s Club 4x400m (NS)

Additionally, there will be the following development-level events taking place immediately after the elite events:

Men’s 1500m
Women’s 1500m
Men’s Masters Mile
Women’s Masters 1500m

For consideration in the above development races, please contact

Please note that there is no travel support or prize money for the above events. Participants will have to show a negative COVID-19 rapid test taken within the previous 48hrs at check-in and all participating athletes are granted access to the athlete seating area in Icahn Stadium.



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